Today's top interior design trends

Posted by Hipflat 26 Feb 2017

This year is already seeing interior design services embraced increasingly by individuals and house builders alike. Here is a list of the top ten interior design trends happening right now.

While the world at large seems to be heading down a curiously unnatural path in 2017 – in terms of its politics, at least – the emphasis within people's homes will be on an intensely natural environment.

Textures and tones will reflect the beauty of nature, with a few modern touches thrown in for emphasis.

Everyone from home owners to boutique hotels are opting to enhance their lives (and their businesses) through interior design his year.

Today's top interior design trends:

Natural textures in home accessories

Natural textures will come back with a vengeance this year – think matte glazed dinnerware, wooden serving platters and beautiful earthenware bowls.

Rough, natural woods

Woods will be big business . From floorboards to tables to shutters, forget highly polished gloss – a natural finish is the only way to go.

Ceramic table lights

A big trend at the moment is ceramic table lights. Again inspired by nature, these feature delicate tones and patterning, with greys, light browns and pinks blending beautifully into the other natural materials.

Bold trimmings

When it comes to soft furnishings, bold trimmings will both complement and contrast the natural feel of the home.

Hand painted wallpapers

Again with the focus on creating a harmonious natural environment, hand painted (and hand painted style) wallpapers allow the inspiration of nature to flow through the home. These will be paired perfectly with…

Pastel tones

From paints to fabrics, pastel tones are essential for trendy interiors. Yellow is also making a comeback globally, again in a muted, pastel tone (think evening sunlight on a windswept beach, rather than anything too bright).

Textured glass

When it comes to lighting, textured glass is unquestionably the way to go. A rough, natural finish created through texture, while retaining the beauty of glass, will further contribute to the natural vibe that is already evident this year.

Patterned rugs

Rugs are one way to make a statement. Patterns that pick up on the pastel tones and natural hues of other objects, while also standing out as a centrepiece, are the way forward.

Sculptural chairs

We are already seeing chairs imitating art, blending style and comfort in order to stand out as design pieces in their own right.

Graphic inspired art

Graphic inspired art is providing a contemporary take on nature. Natural items like pebbles and blades of grass have been given a new lease of life through the playful interaction of graphics and textures.

All in all, this year is already turning out to be a naturally beautiful one.

This story was written by Andrew Batt, Head of Content at Hipflat,com. Contact him with your own news, views and comments at [email protected]