Interior design resolutions to boost sales

Posted by Hipflat 25 Feb 2017

Property owners and sellers are looking to use interior design to their advantage in ever-increasing numbers

Many have heralding the new year as a fresh start, with all the promise that the new year brings. Achieving inner strength and peace are high up the priority list, but there's more to inner peace than eating kale and enjoying regular yoga sessions, as Stacey Sibley, Creative Director at Alexander James Interior Design, revealed.

She told "The look and feel of a property has a huge impact on how those who live there feel. An expert interior design service can transform a 'nice' home into a real sanctuary – a place of calm that helps you to shrug off the cares of the world the moment you close the front door.

"Many people work hard at self-improvement during January in order to feel healthier and happier, but don't appreciate how much of a difference changes within the home can make."

According to the team of experts at Alexander James, the benefits of interior design are gradually extending their reach. In the U.K. for example, the sub £2 million property market is booming when it comes to demand from new clients, particularly in London and other large cities.

Homeowners are beginning to appreciate the serenity that interior design can bring – a message that the Alexander James team is keen to spread more widely.

Sibley continued: "Homeowners have an unprecedented opportunity to access interior architecture expertise as the market expands to bring beautiful interiors to a broader client base. We're seeing rising demand from individual property owners seeking to give their home the interior it deserves, as well as from those looking to maximise their home's sale value.

"Interior design for rental property also looks set to expand rapidly in 2017, with landlords keen to boost their yields by offering homes that stand out from the crowd."

The natural hues and warming tones and textures of this years top interior design trends should certainly appeal to those looking to make their home, and their life, more tranquil. Natural woods and pastel tones will create personal havens for those seeking the path to inner peace this year.

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