Bring feng shui into your home

Posted by Hipflat 26 Feb 2017

The ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui adheres to the principle that all things are connected through qi (energy).

Good feng shui can lead to good luck for individuals, families and even whole countries, meanwhile poor feng shui can lead to bad fortune.

Whether or not you believe the mystical aspects of feng shui, there's no doubt that bringing feng shui principles into your home can have positive results.

Stacey Sibley, Creative Director at Alexander James Interior Design, told "You don't have to believe in feng shui to benefit from its principles when it comes to things like furniture placement or colour schemes.

"Whether or not the placement of your sofa can really have an impact on your fortunes, it can certainly have a positive effect on how you feel in your living room. Similarly, the colours you choose for your home can enhance the living experience of the whole family."

When it comes to furniture placement, living rooms and bedrooms can be quick wins. Place sofas and beds against solid walls to anchor them, rather than leaving them 'floating' in the middle of a room.

Avoid blocking natural pathways in the room and use mirrors to enhance the flow of natural light and energy.

Feng shui has at its heart the harmony between people and nature. So too do this season's interior design trends. Natural textures and woody tones are ideal for creating a balance that soothes the spirit and sets the scene for creating happy family memories within the home.

However, good feng shui certainly doesn't mean avoiding bright colours altogether, as Alexander James' Sibley explained.

"There are plenty of ways to achieve positive energy in your home using colour. Opt for fire colours (red, orange, yellow and pink) on the southern side of rooms and water colours (blues and greens) on the northern side.

"Fire colours are for more active spaces and water colours are for calmer spaces, so bear that in mind when choosing colour schemes and decorative objects to place in your home."

While there may not be a host of scientific evidence that shows the impact of feng shui on health and wealth, there is certainly evidence that good interior design services can have an impact.

After the Alexander James team dressed one apartment recently, its value shot up by 65 percent.

This story was written by Andrew Batt, Head of Content at Hipflat,com. Contact him with your own news, views and comments at [email protected]